Road to Gran

In the turn on a road from home down the mountains, we walked, some place that was not known. Paapa had me on his shoulders while Mom had my baby brother in her womb. We walked on the mud road, side walked by grasses and bushes, birds and flies. Watching the short water falls and … More Road to Gran

Mom and Dad

The narrowly built passageway has 90’s tracks playing, some of AR Rahman music booting on. Sensational how they leave you lost in their then Bollywood days with all glory. Soothing music lay my thoughts on my parents, their marriage in the year 1992, the places they went together fluttering the laughter into sky-high with sheer … More Mom and Dad


As I sit here in my room, wanting to write beautifully without fear, without doubt, without having to stare at the plain part of my poster filled wall; for the words that are left unsaid deep inside. To write without distraction, while my mom watches serials on the old TV at night, in the hallroom … More Write

Keep it

It reminded of a morning when I woke and turned at the window behind, dawn, and down at something light, pretty. It took me a while to realise in a murky room that it was an umbrella, messily folded, painted in the pale of yellow. I flickered my eyes, because you see nice things in … More Keep it

Diwali in Bangalore

It was during this time of the year. The houses were lit with golden yellow smear. Outside, uncle whose name my grey matter has been ceased to think of over the years now, was bursting crackers for the area children. Uncle is outside his home gate, just opposite to that of ours. He sat on … More Diwali in Bangalore


I’ve no much clue where to start from today. There are fears and emotions running inside of me. I’m moving out in another two days, so my mom has been feeding me sweets and ghee. Dad’s been listing out places where he thinks I can stay in for a few days. We’re loving and laughing … More Diwali


While @suprasthi and I were waiting for food that we had ordered at Bundar, I noticed that the roads were unusually not crowded as it was a Thursday night. Cabs were dropping down the employees, ‘Rice Rolls’ written in red neon lights was dazzling on my face, newly opened restuarant next to it still had … More Koramangala