Fifty six

The houses had oxide floors. A mat garnished with green and red rolled out at the open doorway. There was a baby in the house, crawling on the damp floor when the four of us played Ludo where the one who chose green would always win.
While Nisha Akka painted her long nails with light colours in her small airy room, Ramya Akka painted the wall of the hallway with a hut, lake and lots of clouds. She’d even grab handful of clay from the field to make models and place them decorated with colours and trinkets on the shelves.
In the afternoons she cups her face with herbal medicines to cure the pimples on her face.
Siblings Shravya Akka and Srinidhi were the ones whose backs we followed the most. We’d spend most of our times playing hopscotch under the mango tree or go mango picking behind the cowshed.
Until Srinidhi would say that there will be ghosts in the farm after sundown. To which his sister would reply, mad he is.


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