Fourty eight – d

‘Ondhu chicken frenzie kodi’
Biting off the stuffed roll into mouthful, we walk. On the commercial street that is always in business and busyness. There are people walking by the stalls and vendors on the sidewalk who don’t miss out on reaching out as and when they see customers. There are fancy shops where ladies like in Picadilly circus try out jumkas and colourful bangles. Of a fruit seller sprinkling chilly powder over slices of pineapples and hands them over on a plate. And at one point, we stop by at a samosa stall; to not eat, but to ask it’s vendor in dark tone and silky hair if he could lend us a tissue to wipe away the cheese from the chicken roll that had left a smear on my sky blue shirt. He indicates us to take one from where it is placed. We thank him and leave. And promise to buy two samosas the next time we’re here. He shyly smiles.
There’s an odd charm in the old bangalows here, whose sign boards are usually not in place. When one looks up, one can see the running electric wires across, which is something very of an old Bangalore. And as it turns dark, the city lights are all launched up, while the corners would have their soft lamps burning for the night. With the neon boards, tripping round in red and blue, this place is swarmed up during the weekends. Not too far is brigade road, another joint for street side shopping which is now garlanded with lights overhead, one can feel the scintillating gleam when on one of these roads. Night times, these streets are so much a foreign country with people with the skin tone that of an Indian. Must visit.


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