Forty seven

When you called me the last time on phone, after years, I was extremely happy. When I heard you ask, ‘kya chal Raha hai bhaiii’ I could not help but smile, you know? Looser face, someday when you will play for team India, I’ll watch you on TV with pride. And someday when I publish my first book, I want you to read it okay? And not forget like how you did the day I got my first article published in Deccan Herald. You said you’d read it for me once you reached office, but you were too lazy to. You have always been a lazy person anyway, so no wonder.

I first saw him on the first day of my tutions. I was coming out of my classroom during the break, to him, standing at the door opposite, checking out girls. And he saw me, he kept looking at me with a grin on his face. So cute, I thought to myself. I found him very funny, in the red T-shirt that he was wearing. Down the stairs, I had my eyes on him while he was climbing down nodding at a friend who asked, ‘Are you going to go the stadium today?’
After we got off the building, we turned back to look at eachother before parting ways.
It was only after he told me that we’d know eachother, including his family, is when I fell for him. He always had to say that he loved me. Always!

You’ll make me proud one day, won’t you?
I’ve got little dreams in life. To walk with you hand in hand, on the streets of Koramangala, when the lights are lit at night and the roads are crowded with people. I want everyone to see us and admire the two of us. I want to take you on a bike ride to nowhere and hog endlessly. I’ll want to see how handsome you look when the moon light falls on your face and the stars Twinkle at you. I’ll want to get you some nice shirts in white, black and royal blue cause your dressing sense needs big-time improvement. And trousers in biege. Lastly, I’ll want to be with you the very day you make India proud. I want to see the happiness in your eyes and be a part of you in your success. You’ll fulfill all of these for me, knoww? Good luck, bum.
Your Soup.


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