I’m starting to getting used to leaving away from home. I now don’t cry into my pillows at night when I’m about to go to sleep, thinking of mom, wanting to be curled up in her arms. This house I’m living in right now, it’s not very big. It only has two bedrooms, of which one is occupied by the red-haired mean grandmother who’s always farting, while the other one by her daughter and granddaughter where the former is always seen pampering her sweet 16 year old. As the lights are turned off in all the rooms of house, I think of how my mom would put me and my brother to sleep by patting on the head of the bed, so as to scare us and we force close our eyes in fear of ghosts. Mom would sing ‘Darani Mandala’ song every night.
Here, I usually don’t fall asleep right away. Because it’s not a soft bed that I’m given with but a mat, with which a not so thick bedspread. So I sleep in the hall as the rest of them get into their warm rooms. And then, after several rolling and twirling, I hop onto the sofa with my pillow and blanket and wake up in the morning to the mean grandmother standing before me, ‘Why do you sleep here on the sofa? It’s only for sitting purpose.’

Morning, 10:30 am.
Eyes closed. Holding a bottle of curds in one hand to mash up for lumps of butter to form on the surface, while the cousin who goes to school everyday in green uniform watches ‘Shinchan’ on the tv and as the red-haired old lady, her grandmother, walks into her room which has coated it’s four walls with all yellow. The elongated window grids are hexagonal and white. I try to organize the mess in my mind as the grandmother inside the room, infront of the dressing mirror, brushes her red hair with a brown comb. She’s sometimes sweet, other times mean. I actually find her very cute when she flicks groundnuts from the steel box while her daughter is not at home. I don’t hate their house. I play carrom with the gran. I’m learning how to cook, Aunt teaches me. I’ve been reading almost every line in the daily newspapers to pass time. Sebastian faulks keeps me accompanied too, with his new book that I’ve put my hands on. Another few days to go and then I will be moving to Domlur. Life’s good. 🙂


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