Distractions. So much of it. People texting me. Many beautiful people. And one of them boys, seems to be growing too fond of me. He’s cute. All beard. He’s funny. He makes me laugh. I like talking to him. But I don’t want to get used to him. So I think I’ll, for a while, stop talking to him. And focus on my work maybe? Writing should be started again. I’ve a long way to go. I want to become so many people all together. Rupi Kaur inspires me everyday. I’ve hundreds and thousands of stories to share, just like how she has. I discuss my passion for writing with people, maybe when I become one in the future, they will remember me because of all of these, won’t they?
I feel like talking to him. Yes, him. Whom I had seen at MAD, in light blue shirt and jeans. Messy hair. Handsome af. Looking at his sisters upload their birthday celebration pics at their houses, I feel how nice it would be if I was there too. Their granite floor feels so much my own. As though I’ve set my foot on it. As though I’ve walked and hopped on it. Maybe I will? Sometime in the future? Let’s just hope. But for now, let’s push him down to the last in the list of my priorities.
Will be leaving for Bangalore coming Wednesday. I’m scared and excited! Scared because I don’t have a job in my hand. Excited because it’s a task how I’m gonna find one. In the sunlight and crowded buses. In the place unknown, people never seen. Scared because a friend says I can’t earn good money by just writing. Excited because it’s a task how I’m going to do the savings and stuffs. In my first salary, I want to buy my mom a beautiful saree, dad a pair of shirt and trousers, and oh his phone is getting older too. And for my brother, anything that he asks for. And save rest of the money to clear my bank loans and house development. I might buy something to the people I love as well. And maybe treat myself a bit with good food. Wear nice clothes and walk on the streets of Bangalore I once had, when I was just 5 years old.


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