Fourty – d

Some nights are so drama- filled. Like the one I’m having this night, listening to the old melody ‘Gazab ka hai din socho Zara’. While wondering how these actors act the way they do and singers sing the way they do, I guess life for them would be so much more fun because they’re always dancing and singing. Even I, sometime in my childhood wanted to dance like Madhuri Dixit and sing like Falguni Pathak. When I confessed it with my mother, she put me into some classical dance and music classes back in my school town. But unfortunately, I didn’t last there for more than twelve months. Because, I wanted to sing film songs like the one I’m listening to now but I’d instead be made to by heart Sa Re Ga Ma Pa by my teacher. Because, I wanted to dance like how Juhi Chawla does in her films but again, there I’d be made to tap my feet for Taka Dimi Ta. Everything had it’s own way and none of them really worked for me. One day I saw my cousin doing some good painting and naturally, I wanted to be an artist like her. I told my mom ‘I want to go to drawing classes’

‘Why? To quit halfway?’ she insulted me.
Nonetheless, I, after which, was attending the classes anyway. I liked to watch how the colors blended with water and took different shapes. The boy sitting next to me was doing much better than I was and I felt the need to improve. Everyone would like his paintings. I’d go to competitions with him, only to end up seeing him grab winner certificates while placing my own, the participation certificate in my bag. Today he’s a doctor and I’m an engineer, and none of us an artist. But I’m sure, like how I still have the brushes and pallettes from those times, he also would have them. And when we look back, the first thing that would come to our minds is colours and not laurels. So it’s the journey that counts, and not the destination, as they’ve rightly quoted it.


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