While my wet hair is flying in the air, there are nothing but things that I’ve already seen out there. There are lovers riding in their bikes, mothers carrying their babies, friends walking together. Buildings have taken over the mounds and cars have taken over the roads. It’s going to be just another day, I thought as I saw people boarding in and out of the bus I was in. Ladies carrying babies are granted seats, how nice. Senior citizens have the seat behind the one reserved for the handicapped, good work. Folks already seated are enjoying the view outside, listening to music, snoring with their heads over their neighbours’ shoulders. But what about the people who are standing? What about those who have been waiting for this bus somewhere ahead from hours long?

The bus fare for those standing remain same as much as for those who are sitting comfortably. And trust me, when the bus is crowded, it gets worse. You won’t have any support to even stand properly. But the fare remains same even if you’re balancing on the last of the steps. Keeping equal fare for two kinds of passengers isn’t fair. If the bus owners can’t help it, they must atleast think of some other alternative like how they’ve done with reversing the first four seats for the ladies. And other such reservations for the senior citizens and physically disabled. The MLA’s and MP’s of Dakshin Kannada would be mighty well aware of this but will not take any steps as far as they, including their family don’t have to travel by local buses, they wouldn’t consider it their business until then. In rural areas, there are not even bus stops after certain places, and the ones that exist, are in condition so bad that people can’t make good use of it. From Mangalore to one of the many villages, Salethur, there aren’t frequent buses like the way you have it from kankanady to Jyothi. I’ve been in situations where I had to wait more than an hour for a bus to Salethur at Hampankatta.
From Bc road to Salethur, again, there aren’t many buses moving. When I used to go to college we had to wait for hours long everyday, not in bus stand, but under the shade of random shops. A government bus was once stuck somewhere in the middle of nowhere, when it’s tire got punctured and we had wait till 7:30pm, hours long, for the next bus to arrive. This incident took place while on the way to Salethur. I was the only girl and it was a hilly area with no transportation or any people. You can imagine how it must have been for me. The city ministers should take notice of this problem. Of not having enough buses to the rural areas. More government buses should be provided. By doing so, two problems will be solved. Firstly, every passenger who pays equal fare gets to have his deserved seat. Secondly, the time wasted by waiting for buses at the bus stand will be solved.
While the government gives reservations, it should also take care of deservations as well.


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