The convo that wasn’t. – d

So one day Leela and Sheela unfollowed poor Ramleela on Instagram, thanks to the app Unfollowers. Grabbing as golden the opportunity as it was, Ramleela unfollowed the duo too. And so, one of the major problems amid all the escalating border tension and dirty politics of our netas, still remains unsolved. So what’s the cause for this follow/unfollow plague? Let’s find out. Here’s the conversation that wasn’t.

Me: Hi guys 😀
Leela & Sheela: Hii hi. Hello.. hmm.. ?
Me: Okay! You guys have stopped following some of your followers last night? Kyun?
Leela & Sheela: Heee! Just like that 😛
Me: And why aren’t you following your good friend Ramleela?
Leela: Good friend? She’s just a classmate. Except for some hang outs together, food that was shared, lame jokes that were laughed at – Oh that was a good day we had had. I still have the selfie we clicked at the party that night. She’s been a good frie.n..oops.. they got good fries there.. Fish fries I mean, damn delicious. Hehe!
Me: And you act as if you don’t even know her.
Leela: Theek hai theek hai, I know her real good. But kya kare? I couldn’t help when my number of following was soaring high.
Me: So what? Why should it bother you miz?
Leela: It doesn’t look good.
Me: As in?
Leela: It doesn’t look good as in, I don’t feel like Selena Gomez!
Me: Wtf?
Sheela: Arre yaar Leela! Why do you take so much tension? You can follow and unfollow them later, secretly. I do the same everytime *winks*
Me: Oh my! How could you do such a thing? *turning at Sheela*
Sheela: We learned it in our new found religion.
Me: And what is that called as?
Sheela: Bitchism!
Me: Oh! Ok. I got that. Anyway. Thank you for your time.
Lee & Shee: Oh no problem at all. You can take all the time you want as far as you follow me and I don’t follow you back. Hahaha.


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