Over the last few days, I’ve been sensing change in the person I’ve become. There is maturity, there’s love and peace within. I now understand that the family conflicts are never ending, your aunt blames your uncle and your uncle blames the former, so you rather just have to keep quiet at it. I know how kind and loving one must be as a person cause at the end of the day it’s love that wins and the human in you. I’ve also learned that understanding people helps you tackle problems in life. This night when we had just single piece of fish fry left, mom asked me if she could give it to Suni, my bro, since he was here only for a day or two, back from hostel. I gave her a nod. And I really felt it was okay to let the little one eat. Without making any remarks as such that my mother was being extra nice to his son.

To pose another instance, the same night when my dad bought mom a handbag, she thought it was pretty short in size and she was slightly unhappy. I told her, it’s ok maa. ‘You don’t have many bags. So keep this one. Once I get a job, I’ll buy you a new one. And you’ll have more collections’ I added. And she smiled with relief. I was surprised with myself at what I had said. I’d otherwise be on my phone and never really care what’s going on outside my world but today I took the time to console my mother. And my dad, he’ll always have a lot to ask which I’d get annoyed of and would give him unpleasant replies at times. But today, I was being patient like never before by maintaining the level of interest constant throughout till the end.
Seeing my brother laugh at my jokes, helping mom with her work, taking care of dad; doing these things make me feel so responsible a person. Tomorrow I might be a different person, but still at my best.


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