You know what’s worst?
When you have a movie to go to, scheduled at 1:15 and at 1:00 you’re out there waiting for the bus/rickshaw that never shows up when you need it the most.

1:05, No it was not Karnataka bandh. But I had no reason why the roads were empty.

1:07, and the friend who would be joining you on the way just doesn’t pick your call rather sends messages asking where you are. Stupid, isn’t it?
I couldn’t tell her where I was because I had only 55 paise balance. I could only give her missed calls and nothing more. To send a message, it demanded me one rupee.
At this point of time you feel like how Taapsee Pannu in the witness stand does, when Sir Bachchan asks her ‘Are you a virgin?’
1:11, ‘Call a friend and ask for loan’ striked my mind. When it comes to money, the only friend I can think of is Suni, my brother.
‘I’m in class. Don’t disturb’ was his reply.
So Humpty Sharma ki Dulhania continues to remain the last movie I watched? I had tears of frustration coming but I held them somewhere in the corner cause it was public, and people from inside the nook of their rooms in the houses could watch me.
I thought of how I had slept over Disha’s shoulder with my legs curled and awoke only to cram up the popcorn that Geeta had to offer every five minutes in the theatre when ‘Humpty Sharma Ki Dulhania’ was on.
I knew it was not going to be the case with ‘Pink’, movie that I thought would be missed.
Yes, we watched it.
Yes, 1:15 show only.
How? We only managed to miss the national anthem in the beginning.
Ate popcorn, wept, smiled, laughed.
Great movie.


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