Thirty – d

Acasia tree was full of yellow flowers, little above was another tree of the same family and then were the moving clouds just below the clear blue sky. I shut my eyes again and opened. I had been doing it for a while to catch the tail of something that I remember seeing from as a child, but always failed to understand what it is and describe how it looks like, that I’ve always wondered if others have seen it too. The first time I saw it was when I was less than 9, standing on the front steps. Trails of it were moving across and I watched them until they disappeared. You shut your eyes hard for sometime and open, you’ll see it budging in the air.
It was now again soaring, one after the other in varying lengths. I closed my eyes and released for the one last time and turned to my left. Except for the trail road in the middle, everything was covered with trees of different shades. They looked a perfect painting.
As I lay there with my back against the stone filled mound, I sensed that nothing had been changed. The trees, the mounds, fruits to flowers, insects to birds, sunlight to the blue sky; they were all welcoming. It was just the people that had been moved on. I swiveled over and saw that the rest of the mound above me was overly filled with some kind of creeping plant. When the land above was bare like the one I’m lying on now, we would climb up every now and then. And once when we had crawled onto the top, we had found a house not too far from where we stood. A Muslim house, we learned from the Burkhas that were hung outside. People lived there. I was gobsmacked at the fact that we had a house on top of the mound which was not known of till that day. While others with me started dispersing across, I could not move but stare at the small house topped with roof. It wasn’t any different from our house down the hill. Just that it was much smaller compared to ours. It had no porch in the front. The door climbed three steps down directly to the ground.
A woman came out the house, out to the steep of the mound-top from their house and stood smiling at us. On the other side of the house were two to three kids playing around. They were all shirtless. We had had a conversation with the woman which I couldn’t recall. She wore a cotton saree and a black scarf which covered her head, pulled back from ears, down the neck.
I was cheered to have found our neighbour!


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