An unsent mail

I’m tired! Of waking up everyday in the morning. Of watching the four walls of my room from day to night. Of hearing to the crashing noise from the construction building by my house. Of seeing my parents worry and ask me, ‘They’ll call you, no?’
Tired, of answering the relatives and the people I meet everywhere. With the worries of whether I’ll get a job and whether I’ll be able to clear my bank loans, my dreams of starting a work life has begun to shatter by the day.
Why? Why do you hire us if you don’t intend to give us the job when we need it the most? Why do you do all of it according to your convenience only? Why you so selfish? Why do you not give it a thought that your employees have families too? That they have a future ahead of them too?
We’ve been waiting forward to hear from you since months after our college snuffed out. For the only job that you promised us with. And now you are giving us reasons and put us in breadline. How fair do you think is it what you’re doing to us?
To have a job is all that we’ve worked hard for, day and night and when we finally get it, you do not let us have it easily, do you?
I’m a Computer Science graduate placed at an MNC and been waiting for the job offer letter from past three and a half months. And now I’m tired. And this is an unsent mail written to the same company that hired me. Unsent because, sending it would risk my job and I can’t afford it since I come from a normal middle class family.


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