With Olympics kick started in Rio, it takes me back to the year 2004 in Athens, watching the games with the little Sunil on tv, when shooters Rajvardhan Singh Rathore and Abhinav Bindra won medals for the country leaving the nation and it’s people in patriotism, also the time when Doordarshan would be the only available channel to watch on. During which, we’d play on our home ground in the evenings after school, calling ourselves after the names of sports persons, imitating their actions and acting all champions.

‘I will be Sania Mirza!’ I said, not giving my brother a chance to pick out the most trending tennis player in those days.
‘You have been Sania already. In the last match too. Now it’s my turn’ he says with a puppy face.
‘Winner of the previous match gets to decide who they wanna be. So it’s my choice’ I try to cheat on.
‘Why didn’t this rule exist when I won’ he confronts.
‘I will leave if you continue arguing’ I blackmail him.
‘Ok. I will be Leander Paes’ he gives up for me as always, cause he didn’t want to spend the evening time without playing. Poor little thing.
To be a younger sibling can be disappointing at times like this. But that’s how it somehow continued to be in our case even in the future days, I always dominated but at the same time showed my sisterly love, reserving half of everything to him. Once in school when everyone ate wholly the chocostick they got on an occasion, I saved it for evening to eat together with Sunil. That evening in the school bus while all the other kids were screaming and playing, we ate the chocostick, slurping the flavour in turns.
And then there would be crowns made of twigs and leaves, inspired from Olympics in Athens culture. And virtual medals, a low level jam of bricks that stood as a compound for the flower plants as a podium.
The uneven badminton court without net, lines drawn using sticks fallen here and there, stirring the soil that would last for weeks longer.
We played everyday, with the annoying cocks often falling over the sun roof above and quarrels now and then in the games.


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