Two – d

From multistoreyed buildings down to single storeyed, hotels, rooms and everything a booming city would have. Market roads are all leafy, as vegetable vendors sit in rows, one after the other. Traffic, like everyday gets busy with two wheeler vehicles stumbling across the conjusted streets. Bangalore even to this day is colorfully painted in my mind, never to fade away. The house we lived in for two years, every side of it is clear as day. Despite the dissever for over two decades, since we left the residency and the area we had lived, the city yet has my heart, young and full of life as it was. Multi-language speaking neighbours, kids from a luxurious apartment in the far end, the nearby under construction building, which we left seeing unfinished, where we used to play hide and seek and about the girl from the apartment right next who always chose me to play with; her mom had a long silky hair which reached down beyond her thighs, how her maroon painted lips flattened, against her fairy face, as she smiled while bending down her tall body to give me Cadbury balls whenever I visited. 

The house we resided in comprised of three rooms, days inside would be shadowy by the lanky apartment in the adjoining compound suppressing the light from falling in, along with which the stairs up to the terrace from the anterior standing against, blocking further. And the nights, they would be brightly lit with tubelightes in the inner rooms and the first room, dim in fluorescence. The door inside to our occupancy, in contingence with right side of the owner’s wall. Something unwithering is the memory of a maid from the owner’s, dusky looking, in plain chudidhar and single plait, whom the lady owner would send over in the nights whenever my father was out of city on work. She was in her 20’s, I reckon. The 6 year old I was then, look fixedly her round shaped face nodding, as she conversed of perpetual things with my mother before getting to sleep on the floor, down besides the bed where Mom patted me and my three year old brother till asleep.


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