Up and ready

IMG_20160628_214130As I walked the waterlogged streets of Mangalore under my maroon umbrella, I met different kinds of people handling the rainy day in their own ways. Young man squinches up to get into the bus that’s standing on the cascaded road afar from his safe space, tries it over the torrents deterring his shoes from getting wet while the bus conductor from inside gets impatient at his act. Meanwhile a grey-haired elderly person looks puzzled and directionless in the midst of all the mizzle and drizzle. As I watch the buildings pour out through their shallow space, the city steadies the hullabaloo!
Back home, it would be so contrasting. Largely towered trees, that grooved out on top of the mountains have turned milk-white from the heavy patterings throughout the day. Villagers stand by their doorstep and sight their land get wet and share stories with their young ones of how rainy days used to be during their surviving. It’s amazing how we happen to live two whole different spaces with all speed under the same sky.


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