The Kentucky Man

There was a man living in a small town in Henryville, Indiana, US. ‘Looser’ is what everyone liked to call him as. At one point of time in life, after having had great deal of failures, he had let him down himself.

At the age 6, he lost his father, after which he and his two little siblings – brother and sister – were thrown abandoned. At age 16 he quit school. By 17, he had lost four jobs already, unable to get along anywhere. Few years later, he got married, but because of too little education, he failed in finding a good job for himself to make ends meet. He worked as a railroad conductor, left halfway. He was a farmer under the landlords but shortly, due to his inefficient work, was desolated.
He joined the army, failed. He applied for law school, failed.
He became an insurance sales, failed.
He was living a life full of failures and rejections.
One day he became a father but before any long, his wife left him and took away their baby daughter. He even failed in an attempt to kidnap his own daughter in order to get his family back and bust his gut to end his life, but was saved by failing again.

Yet this man, despite being so deep down in the dumps, didn’t give up on one thing – trying.

In his mid age he went on to become a dishwasher and eventually ended up as a cook in a small cafe. He worked there till the age 65 and retired. On the day of his retirement he got some good amount of money, with which he bought some chicken and fried them up using one of his recipes from his tenure in the cafe. Started out cooking chicken fries to pass time in his retiral days, he in one of those fine days began selling them out, to his friends and from door to door to his neighbours in Kentucky. At age 88 Colonel Sanders, founder of Kentucky Fried Chicken Empire now called as KFC became a billionaire.
It’s never too late, ever. We time and again bump into the thought ‘Are we too late to start now?’ and feel remorseful ‘Should have started much earlier’. It’s been the biggest of all the questions we have before us when we finally go ahead to take up that one task, after all the daily motivation and great determination that’s taken alongside. If Thomas Alva Edison failed 1000 times, Colonel Sanders failed 1009 times, only to become great legends. Wouldn’t we have missed out on the Finger Lickin’ Good, had he given up on trying every single time? It takes just one more time, to go all out and reach levels of greatness. You’re never too late, not ever.


2 thoughts on “The Kentucky Man

  1. The story conveyed the conclusion but try proof reading after the completion of your work. Your brain is definitely thinking faster but your hands not able to follow and thus end up getting lost. Thus the most subtlest words are lost and these words are responsible in holding the sentence together. Again this is just an advice, so do take it constructively. Your work is indeed marvelous but a few errors make it short of immortal.


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