One of the old days – d

The trees outside had the fall of night light on them and so did the wagging tail that lay out on the sitout, yawning once and another time. Up in her room, she turned off all the lights leaving the table lamp glow it’s soft radiance. She bent down to closely look at the antique earrings that lay on the table under the yellow lamp, that had been removed off and placed on after the dinner party last night. She sat on the sliding chair near the bed, looking out at the opened windows, gliding back and then toward the front. Her strong solitude eyes stared at nothingness while she held the wooden hands of the chair with grip.

She reminisced the little girl she was, climbing down the mountains outside their roof above the mud road. She thought of how her father adored his only little daughter. Of the places their family had travelled in vacations. The beautiful girl she had grown into her high school and of the boys who had asked her out. ‘They were all wonderful men.’ She had once said when asked about love and relationships.

The unanswered questions as to why her father began disliking her and eventually obsoleted the kind of relationship they had shared till that time. Her mother always said it was not because of her poor grades she scored in her pre university course, it was just that she was a grown up girl now and he couldn’t any longer remain a pampering dad. People she played, laughed and walked her offspring days with, the mountains that stood up above her home in Palth; she felt the tears form in the corners of her eyes. She shut them to let go of all at once.


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