The day I got graduated – d


It’s going to be a pretty big day today, I thought as I woke up to the sun that had risen much earlier, bright and broad by it’s nature. Brother getting dressed up for everyday college. I saw him and got off the bed checking my notifications on WhatsApp. And paused as I came across a message that read about dress codes for the day.
Has the saree been ironed, I asked mom
Will do it. Give me 2 mins
I’ll help you out
It was a cotton saree of rich blend of orange and yellow with antique designs in black at the border and other patterns here and there. Head bath from last night hadn’t completely wiped the oilness off my hairs, so I ended up going ahead for another round of cold showers, even while it was raining outside. I poured a mug full of cold water and looked out through the pillered windows to patterings on plants and things on land. I smiled and continued. Wiped my head thoroughly until the silky hairs began flying out. I was going to travel by bus; in Saree and I liked the idea of it so much at that very instant. I wished the raining never stopped and I imagined myself walk on the wet streets, hairs wet, hop from one road to the other all by myself. I have always thoughy I could handle myself the best in Saree, unlike many of my friends who literally fall and walk when they’re in it. It could be because I’m tall and don’t require heels and so can walk freely. Stood infront of the mirror to brush my hairs and noticed how my eye brows had grown without having them shaped from long. Mom’s draping saree, while all the time I had wanted all of the saree things to be just perfect, but this time I had no complaints at all; surprisingly. I was dancing while she was setting the pallu and stuff neatly. Probably because I was in the happy-girls-are-the-prettiest mood and didn’t really bother about how I was gonna look like. I don’t know. I sat in the bus, slightly put my head out to take in the fresh rainy air and put it back, arranging my saree. A young girl and a woman with a baby on her lap, seated on the long seat in front and left to where I was, were staring at me. I asked them why, silently. Do I look funny? I can never do because I’m in saree dude. Oh, maybe I’m looking beautiful! I looked at them again, to still be staring. I gave a quick smile , to which they responded back with a warm smile and turned their heads off. Lovely people. Travel continued to the moment of turning the tassel from left to right


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