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It was my first recruitment at Make A Difference (MAD), Mangalore in the year 2013. Always fascinated by the idea of social service, I was all set, at St Agnes Pre University College, where the recruitment process was held. After a quick self introduction outside, we were sent in for the presentation and other interview rounds. I didn’t have anyone with me. Nor did I know anyone there. A friend who was to be accompanying me didn’t arrive on time due to certain issues. Supposedly, I walked inside and made myself comfortable, dragging a chair from the corner in the second row, just near the door that was open for people who were still coming in. To keep myself busy, I took out a magazine from my bag and started flipping over pages. While the volunteers were busy prepping up, a tall guy in blue shirt and jeans, messy hair, was standing on the left corner, opposite to me, caught my gaze. Holding a cardboard in hand, he was lost in an unknown world of his own.. For some strange reason, his sight made me look at him again. It was as though I recognized someone I’ve known..

He had influenced on me so much so that while wrapping up after the recruitment, I thought to myself that maybe MAD happened to me for a reason, to meet this guy.
But two days later I received a mail from the HR about my results – ‘FAIL’
Firstly because after learning more about MAD, I wanted to be a part of an amazing team as it and my love for the kids added it’s share too.
And.. Him..
A year passed and circle of journey reached to the same point yet again – ‘MAD is hiring!!’
This time, as I knew of what was going to be done and asked, I practiced all of them over and again. Previous night of the recruitment, I received the same message I did during the first time. It read about the details of venue and timing, to get bottle and a pen and followed by my favourite line – ‘get lots and lots of energy 😀 ‘ And a twinkle of wonder passed of how if that guy I adored last time would still be there or… what?

It was the same venue again, St Agnes. This time I had many of my friends from college. Most of the faces were familiar from the last time. Although he had put on a bit of weight which had broadened his face, it didn’t take me any long to find him out. This time, he was in his MAD tee. I faded his thoughts away to focus on the upcoming rounds that were lined up because this time I had to make it at any cost.

Again, Two days later I received the mail from their HR – ‘FAIL’
That’s it!, I said to myself, closing the chapter of MAD and of his.

It was not until one of my friends from the team, who broke my determination of not trying ever again and pushed me to give one last try. And I think it was something that didn’t want him and I to get one other because just when I finally got through, he left…

During my tenure at funfilled troop, I learned that he was no longer with the crew and had left to Delhi for higher studies.

I frowned!



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