Don’t be a fish out of water!

“IT DIDN’T FLEW DUDE”, I said. There was a loud constant burst of laughter. It didn’t take me long to realize on what had made them laugh so hard. Over time, I had gotten used to being laughed at my broken English. Every time I made an attempt to speak something in English, I was turned out to be a clown. I would be like this fish out of water, struggling to get hold of the language. “Please get your grammars correct ” , “What? What did you just say?” And similar such comments were being passed on every now and then. Ocean of humiliation pulled it’s waves over me by the day. It affected me so much so that I started to avoid people who spoke good English, which eventually lacked the confidence in me.

Today when I tell people who read my articles that I had a worst English ever, they don’t believe me at all. And to me, that’s the greatest feat. Something which started bothering me as weakness at first is now my only passion, surprisingly.

I’m sure a lot of you who are reading this would have gone through such embarrassing situations in some or the other way. To be frank, even today I make mistakes while speaking or writing. You would have found enough already. 😀 But how I relate to the mistakes I used to commit then and now is, now I don’t care. I believe it’s about reforming the fears into challenges. There should be nothing in this world that you cannot execute successfully. I am still not done with this beauty English. There’s a lot I want to explore and improve, until I sense the touch of perfection. Somewhere, I feel I was destined to find it, given my dad passing his legacy of reading and his great collection of books. I think I’m living the dream 🙂 Are you too?

Wrote this not as a content writer but with the hope that it would inspire the readers. Even if one gets impacted positively after reading, my life will be made. See you until next time.


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