When the future came to meet!- d

8:45 PM. It was a wintry night, cool breeze was whirling around outside the home. Just when I got to work on my laptop, the lights went off, leaving the searing brightness of the display screen on the laptop. Mom, who was worn out after the day’s work, came to lie down on to the bed in my room. I looked at her as she stroll past me to the bedside from the corner of my eye. I sat there on the chair, still, with my hands folded,
staring down at the device’s indicator lights blinking swiftly. The profound silence in and around me lead my mind rise random thoughts which eventually began to move from the moment to the witching night hours that showed me signs of life to the struggles throughout, to the dreams that never came true, to the unfulfilled desires and finally landed in a space that was whole new to me.

It was an unlighted and quite large room which appeared to be an apartment. I could sense nothing but hear people outside chattering out loud. Tiny colorful torch lights that were hanged out on the veranda raved my eyes up. Through the shimmer of the lights, I could see buildings that stood tall brightening up the city. When I tried to discover where I was, there was a feeling of living the dream. A smile lit my face in a flash. It was akin to visiting the future that is to befall one day, see it in full of vim and vigour and feel the contentment. Something within me said in a muted tone, “You’re going to live what you saw, in reality.”

The lights returned. While I saw my mom getting up from the bed after a good half an hour nap and walk inside to the kitchen, I arched my back on to the chair, exhilarated at the thought of living the fantasy I just met.


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