Festival of lights!!!!

Remembering Diwali from the very first one. It was in Bangalore, capital city of Kanataka, India. We had lived there for two years. It’s a very happening city. When we lived there, it was growning into one of the biggest cities of India that it is today. It was some 20 years ago.

So one of the days of Diwali, my dear daddy comes home with a box full of crackers. But we had no one at home to burst them for us cause my dad always stayed away from them as he’s scared to burst even these tiny flower pots. So I was sent to our neighbor’s house that was opposite to our house, where there was an uncle who would burst crackers to all the kids from the area. When my dad dropped me into his place, uncle was already too busy giving spark to the bombs he had with him given by other children who had come like me. The entire area was celebrating with joy filled with lights all over. Though I only have incomplete memory of the night, I can pretty well describe the ecstacy of it. Now I can only recall uncle firing just one kind of cracker which was a snake that melted as it was given a spark of fire, the others inside were left unused as far as I can recall. Or maybe we would have used all of them. Or would have kept some for the next day. But I can very well picture myself as a small little girl, through my lens, dancing with the lights that brightened up the whole city. However, it wasn’t really the same for the upcoming Diwali in the years. Once we moved to Mangalore, it was hardly a celebration. Since our dad wouldn’t be present during the festival, we had no one to bring us crackers. Hence the festival of lights would pass by in dim lights being just another day. Once my brother started growing into a young boy, he would bring a few small bombs and some flower pots and stuffs like that worth Rs 100 on each day. Mom, bro and I would celebrate on the ground of our small home. while mom and I managed with small sticked ones that made big noise, my growing bro tried his hands with bombs. Sadly our pet which would always be there on the field at night to guard us, wouldn’t be present during Diwali nights. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that we hanged up lantern outside the house and diyas all over. So it was a way of joy for us alone at home. But there still were some of the grand ways that we witnessed. When I would end up at my grany’s place during the time, where it was celebrated in a best possible way. And once when my cousin brought a box full of them which had all kinds of them. It reminded me of my first Diwali. And once it was at my uncle’s place where uncle was late to home and had to wake us poor kids who slept waiting and waiting for him, to make some noise round the house. So when everyone around finished with the bombs, we started with style. These are few memories of the joyous festival Diwali.

Wishing everyone a blessed one. I insist don’t let your dogs miss it. Celebrate it together that is by going eco friendly.


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