Rusted mind.

Life at times could be very scary when you have nothing to do and nowhere to go. “Eat-sleep-repeat” is something I’ve been following these days and it’s become my routine. It’s not so cool as it sounds and it can destroy one’s mind if not controlled any soon. In these days, I’ve forgotten my purpose in life. This laziness started as nothing has now without my notice it’s grown so huge in me. I now know how important time and work both are. They are the basic tools of life I must say. When I say work, it could be anything. Be it gardening or painting or anything you like as far as it keeps your mind stimulating and never let it get rusted. Once in a while “eat-sleep-repeat” works fine and it could give you great relief from work but always, can eventually lead you to a good-for-nothing-human. It’ll take immense effort to get out of that trap. So make sure your hands are most of the times at work. Otherwise things you once decided not to be done ever again will be done by yourself, flawlessly. You will be immersed in negativity. Emotions lose their control. You will fall downhill in no time without your aware and only when you reach the lowest point do you realize you were lost and you became a looser. When you’ve reached a certain point in life, you gotta sustain there. It’s very important to not lose focus at any point in time. So I’m gonna change my routine from “eat-sleep-repeat” to “eat-work-sleep”. Let’s see what it has in store for me.


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