Right Attitude

Once while we group of friends were moving to some place in a car, a lesson for life was learnt.

Everyone was thrilled and enjoying the drive. There were jokes and laughter and so much fun. I, who was seated at the front shouting out loud, keeping everyone entertained, was enjoying every bit of it as I always loved long drives. Suddenly we saw a police man standing in the middle of the highway to do seatbelt checks. My friend who was driving the car quickly wore his seatbelt as we were nearing the policeman and insisted me to wear mine as well. I started acting reckless and refused to wear it and told him I’d be okay without it. He looked at me puzzled and he asked me “what’s the big deal in it? It’s gonna take you just a few seconds until we pass the policeman.  Just wear it.”  I sat paused. He said I must wear it or else we are going to fall into an unecessary trouble. I had no options left and I had to go for it. ( You’ll too must be wondering why I refused to wear my seatbelt which was not even going to last for more than a minute. Well it’s because I, a 20 year old girl didn’t know how to put on a seatbelt !)

I just had to go for it as we were nearing the highway. I sat still for a while and then started experimenting with the belt and ended up functioning it in an improper way. My friend who was driving looked at me with a shock on his face and questioned me what I was up to. I looked at him with a fear on my face and finally told him that I didn’t know how to wear a seatbelt. He was about to burst into laughter but he controlled it looking at how embarrassed I was. He then helped me with it having a disgust look on his face. My friends at the back didn’t know how to react to it. They all knew I was upset over what happened but they didn’t know how to convince me. And I, with the shame filled face struggling to lift my head, fighting the tears on my eyes, asked them sorry and remained silent throughout..

That evening, after I was home, I cried thinking over it again and again. Too many things started running on my mind. Once the tears went out of stock, I sat down and thought over what really happened and how it could have been tackled. At that time I asked myself why did I have to feel so embarrassed? It was nothing after all. Couldn’t I just tell them that I didn’t know it.

We most often try to hide our originality with the fear of what others may think of us. But actually being open and being what you are is something that makes you cool. In this instance I should rather have directly told my friends that “hey guys I don’t know this. So please help me out” than making the scene worse by being embarrassed. They would probably have understood me. But then let’s not worry about the could/would/should have’s. Lesson is anyway learnt for the future.

We often come across such situations in schools, colleges and work places where you are likely to get embarrassed when a teacher or boss yells at you infront your classmates or collegues. That is the time, I feel, we should just take it calmly with our heads held high. Never bend your head for anyone or anything. It’s your attitude that matters. That defines you.

Great leaders understand that the right attitude will set the right atmosphere, which enables the right responses from others. –John Maxwell


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