And sometimes, your mind is all blank and you don’t know what to write and you just start typing whatever that comes to your mind and that’s it.

So, before going deep into my thinking lemme start off.

Today when I look back, I realize how much I’ve evolved as a person. I was never this girl back then. As a child, I was very stubborn and short tempered and I always had my daddy by my side to support me šŸ˜€

I was this girl who could never tolerate my bestfriend getting close to any other girl in the school. I was this girl who could just not stand it when my mom would pamper my brother. I was this girl who would do all this evil stuffs to my little brother. I was this girl who was rude to people. I was this girl who wanted all that her friends had but I did not. I was this girl who would cry over each and every silly thing. There are many other such things which I can’t remember at the moment. If these are all certain things which could be changed, there are certain other things which are way too difficult to overcome. And many think that it’s the nature they’ve inherited and it cannot be changed.

Once you’re grown up and all set, life starts throwing endless lessons at you.

So as I grew up, I was introduced to the real world! which was filled with suffering!

Certain things happen in life to evolve you into a better person. As a young girl not even in the wildest of my dreams had I got a thought that I would have to go through all this in future.

I had my dad changing his way of living with me. That too all of a sudden and for no reason. I still have no answer for the disconnection. We are not close like before. We hardly even look at eachother. For me it’s the biggest betrayal in life.

A friendship where my girlfriend misunderstood and ditched me. A relationship where my man had feelings for another girl.

I can’t continue this! Well, these are some of them which could take all your life to overcome. If matters like this could be overcome, then you can win the world. I used to feel so down but now having gone through it all and overcome I feel like I’ve mastered in it and I’m waiting for the bigger heartbreaks that life has in store for me. I now have the capacity to take all the pain, suck it in and smile. And that’s when I evolve one step higher. So if you wanna really win against life then you gotta start evolving. Till the end.








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