Formula of life

How many of us are ACTUALLY happy with the life we’re living? I bet not even half of us. Some of us might not like the way we look like and some, might not be satisfied with the financial status of the family and some, might want to be in a relationship but not finding the “Mr/Miss Right” and most of us compare ourselves with the others which is the key to unhappiness. While these being the most common reasons with everyone, which are usually on top of the list, there are several other reasons as well. Maybe when one’s not doing well in academics/ career. Maybe when problems come your doorway despite not inviting them. Maybe when your day goes bad and things just don’t work the way you plan. And the list goes on. This cause a hell lot of chaos. I’ve seen my classmates breaking their head for not scoring good marks in even the internal exams. Is it because they desire to be unhappy and find means and ways through which they can achieve unhappiness?


We got just one life. Just one!! It’s always the moment that matters the most because you never know if you’re going to be still alive the next moment. This life what you have got, is the most cruel one to wash your sins off done in past lives. That’s why it’s not easy at all. That’s why we’re unhappy most of the times. Be a good human. By being a good human being, one can achieve it all that he wants to in life. Happiness, health, wealth, fame, name, everything. A good human being is an achiever. Strive for perfection, live all that you’ve got to in this short tenure and achieve the permanent happiness. Find your own formula for life. Be self inspired always. You are your own master. Cause at the end what counts is how you lived your life through all the ups and downs.


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