For a girl, her dad is everything. – d

My dad. He is a wonderful person to everyone. A man with way too good sense of humor and vast knowledge. Our relatives, friends and wellwishers would admire him. Well I believe they still do thinking of the good old times. I, unlike the other young kids never got an opportunity to have my dad drop me everyday to school, as he lived out of station and would be home twice or thrice in a month. He’d celebrate the days he’d get to spend with us. And we’d go the place where he lived during vacations to spend time with him. I fondly remember sleeping with him, having one leg of mine on his tummy and a hand on his chest. He always loved to surprise us with his presents and would keep asking us how’d we like it. I cherish the days where we’d play cards and we’d catch him cheating. 🙂 He’s very very fond of books. We have a chota library at home. He’s always reading, something, either a magazine or a novel or a newspaper. He always told me back then when I was young that I should read but I just hated the sight of books. Now, I can’t survive without books. I can say that I’ve inherited the hobby of reading books from my dad and so he’s making me a better person everyday, through his inheritance.

This moment, I’m recalling all the good old times because, today at 7:30 pm, my dad will have a hernia operation. He’s been having problems with his hernia since 10-12 years now, which has got severe since last 4 days. He was admitted to the hospital this morning and it seems he’s gonna have a minor operation. Nothing to worry though. Yesterday he was sleeping, unwell, outside at a particular place, where dad, bro and I used to stargaze from back then. And throughout, he murmured my name for quite a number of times, this and the memories we’ve had together had tears in my eyes. How I wish we could relive those days all over again.


This is the bracelet my dad bought me when I was, 12 maybe. It was bought when we had gone on a tour to Kanyakumari, India. From a beachside shop. This one along with a chain and a pair of earrings of similar design, which I failed to retain for long 😦 . At that time you wouldn’t know the value of presents like this given by your loved ones. It’s just another gift whereas when you are grown up do you realize it’s value. I have failed to keep many such gifts, like chains or earrings or anything at all. Now of those few which I’ve succeeded in retaining, I will treat them like my treasure.

Come back, Dad. 🙂 Let’s live life to the fullest like how we used to 🙂 I will wait for you, forever..

Love you more than anything in this world.



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