Stargazing -d

Last night while I was looking at the stars in the sky from the terrace, a memory from my youth striked my mind..

It was one beautiful night. We had just shifted back to our old home from the neighboring district we had been living for an year when my dad was transferred. So at the time we hardly had any furniture to sit in as they all had not yet arrived from the place we had lived in. A cousin had come home that evening to accompany us. While mom was preparing for dinner, dad thought himself, cousin, my little brother and I would go sit outside and enjoy some cool breeze. We took a mat which we had with us along to sit on. As far as I can remember now, I think I was in my class 3 and my younger bro in kg class. As we were enjoying the breeze outside and looking at the branches of the tree dancing, stars up above the sky caught dad’s eyes. He looked at them for quite a while and looked down at us.

“Look at those stars up there. They so shining and beautiful” he said

While we all three of us looked up for it, he shared some of the stories he knew about the pattern the stars are connected to one another and we were listening to it. (Can’t really remember them right now)

“Which ones of those are stars and which ones are planets. Can u identify?” asked dad

“They all look the same. I can’t identify” I said

“What are planets?” asked my cousin

“The ones which shine brightly are stars and the others are planets”

And the conversation over it continued…


Reliving the olden days 🙂 Life’s changed much.




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