Work & Life

I’ve come to a point where I’ve realized that, for me, nothing is more important than my work life. It’s high up there, that nothing can reach up to it’s heights and I continue to grow it to even greater heights. Sky is the limit for it. Work is something that keeps me going. It gives me a hell lot of confidence to deal with this cunning world in style! Learning things and grabbing them takes me to such high level that I find it so difficult to reach my grounds.

When you are living in a world where people change every moment according to their needs and life continues to throw it’s non stop lessons at you and nothing seems to be getting any better, it’s your work that actually gives you strength to not care about the shit that’s happening around you. How lucky I am to have found what I need and what I do not in my life.

It’s my work! which, I know is going to be with me till the end as a companion, care taker and a wonderful lover. And that’s the reason why I always said I’m never alone. Cause I now realize that this is what kept me going through all the ups and downs.

Thank you, Work!


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