Rest is what they need. – d


Saw an old man in his early 70’s carrying a large gunny bag over his shoulder. He was walking quite fast looking down at the road and lifted his head up only to find out turns and obstacles and continued walking. I guess he was in a hurry to reach somewhere on time. He kept walking, not showing any sufficient interest in what was happening in and around the street. He didn’t really look tired because of the heavy load that he was carrying but he definitely was tired of the life he was living.

As a youth, he might have worked to help his family make ends meet. As a good husband and a responsible father, he might have worked tirelessly to provide them everything they needed. And now as a grandparent, who deserves to be spending time with his grandchildren, but is still working. When on earth will he get a chance that he can go home and sit down?

Most of our lives seem strangely untouched by this.


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