Family secrets

We all have those family secrets that are unsaid and linger like the sorrel dust in the air and bury within us. Through the wintry dawn, as the stars standstill their wink and blink and furl into the clear blue sky, your secrets sail away on it’s own, unnarrated. Life is very lavishing from outside, but then, it’s an ocean of secrets and stories that are never shared. A night may come to existence, willing to be talked of and to unreveal things we had always wanted to, with the ones that would have become our homie by that time of life. But we are okay leaving somethings unsaid. We can still deal with everything around.
We are a family of four- Mom, dad, little brother and I. My dad never really spent his days with us when I was a child. He was working in the marketing field and has had his stint with companies like Hindustan Unilever Limited and Wipro, when I was seeing him. Before that, they were company names I even this day fail to remember despite my mom having uttered several times whenever I asked her. He had become a migrant literally then. We had travelled to quite a few places with him across Karnataka. And refrained once after we graduated to higher class, academics got difficult to cope up with changing of schools every year. So hence we preferred staying back in the native, amid mountains and farms.
It was a small town. Interior where homes would be distanced by kilometers long farms, divided between the house holders. There were no neighbours to talk to, people to watch by. My dad’s uncle, a white haired old man, whose house was the only nearest one from our space, took some minutes of steps from our farm. It was a mere forest and we were the only humans living in the middle of it all. At night times wolves would howl out for a while, which we kind of got used to in time. As the clouds moved away into darkness in the surroundings, silence settled in the trees and skies above. There existed a small devoting shrine-like where “kola” – what we call in tulu took place every year. My mother, every night before going to sleep prayed to the gods in the shrine.
‘Keep us safe’
And she closed her eyes to the night. Over time I happened to cultivate the same routine by her. While my brother and I just murmured them chants for the sake of, she was an adherent when she offered her prayers.
And my dad, who used to come home once in 15 days, sometimes delayed by a month, would stay for 2 or 3 days and return back. He showed his children more affection than mom, since he didn’t have to witness all the tantrums we threw in his absence. He loves me more than my brother. He gave us the freedom which I don’t think any father would to his child. He was very humorous as a person and everyone in the family liked him for that.


4 thoughts on “Family secrets

  1. Thank you for joining up with us Supriya it is appreciated and yes like you there are somethings I also keep to myself but not because they need hiding just because right now it is better that way. Your Dad must have missed you all too but how good that your Mum was always there for you.

    What made you start a Blog Supriya and are you enjoying it ?

    Christian Love – Anne


    1. Hi Anne. How are you?
      Thanks for having bothered to read it in the first place. I’m really grateful and I wanted to continue writing on this post but for some reason I ended it right there.
      Dad has always been a lover. Mom, first best friend.
      Reply to your question: I read a lot of books and that made me want to write too. My english is not that great. So, to improve it and simultaneously write good things, I decided to start this off and also, I’m a photography enthusiast. I’ve recently uploaded a couple of photographs that are clicked by me. Please check them out as well.
      I’m enjoying it totally. Looking forward to witness great things happen.
      Love always, Supriya Alva


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