Patrick !

Unwilling to descry. A little hesitant to love. What a felony. When a man becomes your first concern, when love becomes so powerful as it’s ever been. To know you, to understand you has been my greatest joy. If only I were a decade or two older I would have been the one privileged. And … More Patrick !

I wrote again.

I watched a few families leave. Few houses come over the knolls. A road less taken. To the little brook of our Grandparents’. I watched the children I grew up with walk on a trail road where the Millets met. The neighbhours wept. With the cards to play and some words to say. About how birthdays … More I wrote again.


There were times when I wanted the freedom of topless lorry drivers who drove on the roads. And of the flower sellers, whose life looked a lot more beautiful and simple. Writing notes and exams had made my life miserable or having been doing things I never liked would have made it that way. I … More 🙂


To look out at the night sky through the old fashioned windows has now, over the years become a habit to me. Be it to the morning daylight, or the afternoon blaze or to just gaze at from one star to the other in the beautiful night. It’s something I like, to push out the … More Lastly