my sister’s aisle

the banquet was over soon. day was quiet. how readily the papayas fell! how several glasses of lemonade sat on the tray! as our guests skindered on the yard, pondered in the hallroom. and stood on the front steps watching. the cliffs, neighbourhood boys, henna trees. and my sister, her feet up and hair curled. … More my sister’s aisle


there are garcinia trees, sweet mangoes. there’s a government school my father went to along with his sisters. for miles they walked. climbed all the hills. rain falls. in the glass jars are chocolates for not more than a rupee. cigars are made in every house, tie a string at the end of each. river … More back


A fight I summon up. Among two people who were once good friends. Had I stayed back, I would have cheered for the good man, clearly. A gossip I recollect. How ungracious. White flowery leaves rustle. As a boy hugs a girl. It was past 9 pm I was gonna leave. I saw. Him waiting … More Patrick

Smart thing

It will not happen when I want it. It will take its own time I’ve realised. Certain experiences, and people. It’s a pure thing, writing. It won’t happen if the purpose is wicked and untrue. It won’t even come close if it finds out I’m doing this for fortune. Glory or anything worldly. Smart thing, … More Smart thing


Some lines when I’m writing, some thoughts so raw. Truest. I don’t have to wait. I know even before it ends that it’s gonna cross 70 likes and have a comment or two on Instagram.